What are your COVID protocols currently? (updated Jan 2022)

Check-In Required - You must check both in and out using the provided Service NSW QR Code.
Booking Maximum - You can book for up to 40 guests.
Wearing Masks - Covid Masks are not required, but our protective helmet/face masks during gameplay are! You will be assigned your mask for the entire booking.
Social Distancing Rules apply - 1.5m social distancing in place.
Additional Cleaning & Sanistisation

Who can play?

Anyone 10 years old or over who can draw the bow.  Our bows are 20 to 28 pounds so there is some physical strength required, but most 8 year olds will be able to participate.

However, we recommend players are fairly ‘adventurous’.  That means if your child cries easily and shy’s away from catching a ball then this activity may not be suitable.

What equipment am I going to be using during gameplay?

Archery Tag® bow, arrows, face-mask, bunkers, and 5-spot knockout targets.

How close will someone be when they shoot an arrow at me?

The teams are separated by a 4 meter safe zone.

Does an Archery Tag arrow hit hurt?

Not usually, those who are hit by an arrow are generally surprised not hurt!

What if I have never shot a bow and arrow before?

We’re here to help! Most have never picked up a bow and arrow before playing extreme archery. Learning to shoot is quick, easy, and usually becomes intuitive and improved during gameplay

How many people are usually on a team?

Teams usually consist of 5-10 players.

How is the game started?

Players line up at the end of the field with a bow in hand and one foot on the end line. When the official indicates game start, players run to the neutral zone to grab as many arrows as possible (without snatching from another player who already has possession).

What if it rains?

We don't mind a bit of rain if you don't! It's actually really fun when it's wet. However, if you'd prefer to postpone to another day, or cancel and refund your booking, we require 24hrs notice to let our staff know.

Do I need permission from my local council to play in the park?

You're welcome to use your local council parks to play. It just needs to be a good size so to ensure a safe zone for the public, and you're respectful of other park users and council rules like normal.

How many players can I have?

We recommend between 10 – 20, but can facilitate groups up to 40. Give us a call to talk about the options we have for larger events/bigger groups.

What should we wear?

Trainers are a must!  We recommend sporting attire or at the very least clothes that you can easily run in!

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